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American Wagyu Prime Box

American Wagyu Prime Box

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Experience the ultimate in luxury and flavor with our American Akaushi Wagyu Prime Box! 

This premium package includes: 2 mouth-watering Ribeye Steaks (Boneless), 2 succulent New York Strip cuts, 1 flavorful Denver Steak, 1 savory Chuck Eye Steak, 1 tender Flat Iron Steak, and 5 lbs of juicy Ground Beef.

Indulge in every bite and elevate your meals to new heights!

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Weights are approximate and may be slightly higher than listed. For purchasing convenience, beef is priced by unit regardless of the weight. All beef products are processed in a USDA inspected facility, vacuum sealed and frozen. Purchases will ship the following Tuesday after placing your order.

Product Information

Products are graded using MIJ Mobile to make sure your getting the highest quality product. MIJ Mobile allows us to get objective and concise grading, so you're not just getting what looks like high quality beef but the best quality beef.

Photos are for illustration of the cut only.

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